Agon can run your BIM Coordination or Pre-Coordination process. We have helped deliver a clash-free BIM model on some of the most high-profile projects throughout the NYC skyline.  Providing the process that owners can rely on to help their buildings go from 2D dreams into reality.

We can be your eyes and ears over the BIM Coordination process as an Owner’s Rep. We are proactive in finding the unforeseen issues and will establish a course of action with the Design Team, GC Coordination Team, and Sub-Contractors to troubleshoot & solve those issues.

We are also here if you are having trouble finding a company to provide a BIM model for an obscure design feature. If one of your sub-contractors lacks the expertise within their workforce, we have got your back.

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Design Teams… We Can Help! Has your team found themselves scratching their heads wondering “how did we not catch this issue” before the Bid Package gets delivered? 

Agon can vet your document sets or even become part of the design process to make sure that you have accounted for overly congested areas and details of constructability.  Owners do not like hearing that they’ve lost areas of revenue because of issues with the design; let Agon help ensure that you’re creating an environment where your design can be built in reality.

Agon can be the bridge between you as design engineers & the foreman in the field. Think of Agon as the liaison to communicate what your design needs are. We will also provide information on how the hard-working installers will execute the design you are asking for.

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Get us in there early… Pre-Coordination is becoming more and more prevalent and we are just the team to help you solve the major design issues before the Construction Documents go for bid.  Helping you and helping the owner identify problems that may waste time and money by holding up the restricted schedule you have prepared.

Our GC clients keep coming back and even suggest to their Sub-Contractors to use Agon. Most of our Pre-Coordination efforts end up extending into the BIM Coordination phase as you select Sub-Contractors to BIM model the rest of the design for the building.

What better company to continue the Coordination effort than the one who has intimate knowledge of the issues you are dealing with?

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Agon is your one stop shop.  Agon handles your Engineering, BIM Coordination, Shop Drawings, and As-Built Drawings as required by your contract.  We become part of your team to make sure that your project is handled right, the first time.  Get us connected with your engineers, project management team, and project foreman to make sure that everyone on your team has the answers and information needed to install your scope and get moving towards the next project.

We pride ourselves in providing a solid, transparent, & reliant service that keeps our clients coming back for more.  BIM Coordination can be a daunting process with variables that can heavily impact your bottom line.  Let Agon be the stabilizer, ensuring that you are provided with a quality design, enabling you to provide a quality installation to your client. We are here to help you!

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  • Architectural BIM Modeling

  • Mechanical Duct BIM Modeling

  • Mechanical Pipe BIM Modeling

  • Plumbing BIM Modeling

  • Fire Protection/Sprinkler BIM Modeling
  • Electrical BIM Modeling
  • IT BIM Modeling
  • Low-Voltage BIM Modeling
  • Security BIM Modeling
  • Fire Alarm BIM Modeling
  • Controls/BMS BIM Modeling
  • Radio BIM Modeling

Pre-Coordination Services are typically for GC’s & Owners and will help provide solutions for the major issues that need to be resolved before the Construction Document set is ready for bid.

One or more of the BIM Modeling Services Agon provides will be used to help facilitate this process.  The issues that are typically resolved here consist of making sure the Design Documents are sound and vetted as well as making sure that Structural Components are set for the purchasing of steel members, coordinated openings for shear wall penetrations/slab penetrations needed for MEP systems. 

Typically, once these items are addressed and solved with the help from the design team, bid packages can be released for sub-contractors to bid on with little fear that a major change order is going to be placed on the owner to adjust/solve the issue during the BIM Coordination phase.

If you are a GC or Owner, shoot us over a call or e-mail to see how we can help you! 

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BIM Coordination Services are specifically for Sub-Contractors in need to help executing the BIM portions of their contract. If you are a MEP Sub-Contractor who lacks the manpower or expertise to execute this portion of your contract with the GC, we are here to help.

We will encourage a competitive bid for you to supply to your clients by providing an accurate estimate of our services and answering any questions you may have along the way.

If you are a Sub-Contract that feels in over their head, shoot us over a call or e-mail to see how we can help you! 

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Agon can manage your BIM Coordination process. We have over a decade’s worth of experience of coordinating our systems throughout buildings and have developed a process that is tried and true. 

With programs like Navisworks Manage, Revizto, Box, and Microsoft Teams – We can remotely facilitate and balance the chaotic nature of the BIM Coordination phase.

If you are a GC or Owner, shoot us over a call or e-mail to see how we can help you!

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Agon can help your design team make meaningful design decisions.

Too often you’ll find questions about your design on whether it works in the built environment.  That’s where Agon can help.  We understand what site foremen are challenged with when building your design and can eliminate the misunderstanding between the two. 

The liaison for getting your ideas built, with details that the field can understand and execute.

If you are an MEP Designer, give us a call or e-mail and let us help you nail that design! 

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Agon’s reputation was built on quality shop drawings. Our background in architecture helps craft a set of documents that site foreman request by name and designers feel confident in stamping behind. 

This is the culmination of all that hard work and planning, a set of drawings that bring your project into realization. Come see what a set of our documents can do for your team. 

Give us a call or e-mail and let us show you exactly where your trade needs to be!

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Sometimes the field has conditions that causes deviations from your intended route. Agon can fulfill your contract requirements of handing over a set of drawings that are consistent with what you’ve built in the field. 

Take those pesky napkin sketches and turn them into a set of documents that the general contractor can turn in with pride.

Come see what a set of our documents can do for your team.  Give us a call or e-mail to finish this job out! 

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You’re in the middle of a renovation and you need to keep some of the services alive as you work around existing features. You’re going to need a 3D scan of some of your buildings unique conditions that you’ll need to coordinate around. 

Agon can scan these areas and turn those point cloud pieces of data into a model that you can work around.

See how Agon can turn that mess into a functional model. 

Give us a call or e-mail to get that scan done so you can move your project forward. 

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