How BIM Helps During The Construction Phase

BIM is an integral part of today’s modern construction projects.  Agon Coordination is one of the leading MEP BIM consultancy and service providers in the New York, Philadelphia, Austin, and Atlanta areas.  We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to assist owners, general contractors, design teams, and sub-contractors to solve major issues ahead of time and with a pathway to a buildable solution moving forward.


Here a few ways that BIM helps construction and design:


1. Better Communication



Construction sites can be very complex.  It’s important that project stakeholders are communicating with one another and are aware of upcoming, ongoing, solved issues that may come up while constructing a building.  BIM gives a visual representation of the building and this information can be used to communicate with project stakeholders items of discussion.


BIM also makes it simple to help estimate information needed for purchase orders, devices, linear footage, quantities of equipment, surface areas, and areas of coverage.  So when it comes to making sure that your project is staying within budget guidelines, BIM can communicate this information to you in an accurate manner.


BIM Coordination acts as a communication process on its own.  Projects can be integrated with software that helps everyone involved understand and know the issues that are being worked on on a day to day basis as contractors move forward with coordinating their systems.


2. BIM Coordination



BIM Coordination has turned into one of the most important processes integrated into today’s modern construction projects.  The coordination process essentially vets all of the construction documents from the designers of the projects (from both architects and MEP engineers), and allows the general contractor and owners to understand the issues at hand when it comes to the design issues that their decisions could have an impact on.


Previously, general contractors would coordinate their systems in a 2D environment, placing sheets on top of sheets to envision what the crossover conflicts would be.  Isolating those issues and often wasting more and more material to solve an issue that the design team either never foresaw or were not competent enough to approach.  Today’s 3D environment where a BIM coordination environment exists, allows for us to see the building in its entirety before it gets built.  Solving those issues ahead of time, to keep budgets on tract and schedules tighter.


3. BIM Improves Productivity


Productivity is a variable that we often want at its highest, yielding lower manhours.  Problem is, often we experience a lack of accuracy.  That’s not an acceptable solution, but with BIM we can have our cake and eat it too.


BIM gives us an environment where most of the variables we can and will experience in construction are present, and we can navigate around those variables to a degree of accuracy that allows us to be proficient.


Shop drawings are becoming more accurate than ever.  Fabrication is also becoming more and more present in construction projects.  This all yields a level of productivity that is almost unseen in the last several decades of constructing highly complicated buildings.


BIM Consultants


BIM has proven to be an extremely beneficial addition to the construction industry. It has enabled project teams to work more effectively and with less effort. This makes it easier to complete large-scale construction projects with optimal timing.


Ultimately, BIM has increased the collaboration and communication among all the teams involved in a construction project. This, in turn, has helped to improve project performance and cut costs. These results are just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to BIM, construction companies can now better prepare for the future, which means profitability for years to come.


Agon Coordination is one of the leading BIM consultancies and services providers in New York. We use Building Information Modeling to assist the architects, general contractors and owners in building projects to meet the expectations with respect to both quality and time constraints.



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