The New Frontier of BIM Coordination: Leveraging Technology for Remote Collaboration

The Importance of BIM Coordination

BIM coordination is an essential aspect of the design process, as it helps ensure that all design disciplines work together seamlessly. One critical aspect of BIM coordination is coordination between the architect and MEP trades. The MEP trades (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) are essential aspects of building design, and the coordination between the architect and MEP trades is vital to ensure that the building functions efficiently.

Remote BIM Coordination Challenges

BIM Coordination for a building can last several years, depending on the scope of each project. Communication of the design or coordination issue is often lost in e-mails several months old, or in an RFI that got lost in the chaos. As we are moving towards a post-covid life, it’s no surprise that most modelers have moved into a remote working environment. Software is a key component in allowing for meaningful communication of issues we need to tackle.

Software Solutions for BIM Coordination

One way to facilitate coordination between the architect and MEP trades is to use software like Revizto or BIMSmart. These software solutions offer several benefits that make coordination easier and more efficient. One key benefit is the ability to view and share 3D models in real-time, allowing all team members to work together and make changes in real-time. This feature enables project teams to identify and resolve design clashes early on, reducing the risk of costly errors and rework later in the project.

Tracking Project Changes

Another advantage of using software like Revizto or BIMSmart is the ability to manage and track project changes. These software solutions allow all team members to access the same data, making it easier to track changes and manage revisions. This feature helps reduce confusion and errors that can arise when multiple team members work on the same project.

Improved BIM Coordination

Overall, using software like Revizto or BIMSmart can significantly improve BIM coordination between the architect and MEP trades. These software solutions offer features that make it easier to view and share 3D models in real-time, manage and track project changes, and reduce errors and rework. With these benefits, project teams can work together more efficiently, resulting in a more successful project outcome.

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